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Free word counter instruments are basically used to quantify the words, phrases, and characters in a text. It is simple to use and free. The word counter supports many languages, including English, Hebrew, French, Hindi, etc.

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In addition to phrase or character limits, our online editor can help you enhance your style of writing, choice of words, and grammar. It can also assist you in spotting plagiarism and grammar mistakes. To check the number of words, place the mouse pointer in the text area above and start typing. You'll see an increase or fall in the number of letters and words as you type, erase, and modify them. It is simple to copy and paste content from one piece of software onto the online editor. However, the Auto-Save function will ensure you do not lose any changes you make while editing if you exit the website and return later.

How to Begin With Checkwordcounter Tool?

Free word counter tools will generally help you know the word count when it is essential. Checkwordcounter is an effective free word counter that will help you find the word count of your reports, essays, articles, paper content, story, narrations, etc. the following will help you to know how to find the word count of your text effortlessly!

1 Step

Prepare a text passage, word file, or a summary of text for which you should know the word count. This will be the initial step to knowing the word count of your text.

Step 1

2 Step

Open the Checkwordcounter Tool and post your text in the text area. Only then could the tool process your text to find the correct word count and characters.

Step 2

3 Step

The results will be displayed once your text is processed. You can precisely know the word count of your text, the number of characters, and grammatical suggestions.

Step 3

Why Is Checkwordcounter Better Than Other Sites?

Free word counter tools have quite a lot of perks and advantages. Read below and get started with the Checkwordcounter tool to see how wonderful the tool is online!

No Installation Is Required

To use this free word counter tool, you don't have to install or download an application. Instead, users can access it directly through web browsers. There is no specific app for word counting; all you have to do is choose the Checkwordcounter link, enter your text in the text area, get the results, and enjoy using it.

No Installation Is Required


The users can tap into the tool using any electronic gadget, including computers, laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. There are no restrictions for using this Checkwordcounter tool. It is risk-free and hassle-free. You can tap on the tool's online link and check in to begin the process. It is that simple. Try it!


No Registrations or Sign-ups

You don't have to undergo registration or sign-up procedures to use this Checkwordcounter tool. There is no such process included. This is the reason behind the tool being highly rapid and straightforward. It doesn't consume your time and effort. The interface is built in such a way as to keep the users feeling light about using it.

No Registrations or Sign-ups

Improves Text Quality

The word counter online free tool will also improve the quality of your text by making the required grammatical changes. When the necessary changes are made, it eventually builds the quality of your text or file. It also holds the article's length and limits it to an adequate length. Hence it also assists in the readability of your text.

Improve Text Quality

How Is Checkwordcounter Beneficial for Users?

Free word counter tools have a lot of gains. Otherwise, any type of benefit is mostly welcomed by people and users worldwide. With all the below benefits Checkwordcounter will never leave you unimpressed!

  • Unlimited


    Free word counter tools like Checkwordcounter can count and estimate the number of words in a text. The total number of characters or letters for the text supplied in the input box can all be calculated using this online tool. What's best? With this application, you can count a limitless number of words and characters!

  • Versatility


    Free word counter tools are crucial text measure tools, particularly for printing, advertising, publishing, academic, and legal contexts. By employing this tool, you will indeed be able to ascertain the word count of your text. Then you can determine if there are sufficient words or if the word count has been surpassed. Therefore, the free word count checker is used in a lot of sectors globally.

  • Anchor Suggestor

    Anchor Suggestor

    Free word counter tool helps you know your text's word count and suggests a few anchor texts related to your entered content. You can use these anchors to keep up with the traffic online. In recent times this factor has been highly used by people who wish to know a few anchor suggestions for their articles.

  • Advanced Facilities

    Advanced facilities

    You can use all the advanced facilities available on this free word counter tool to meet your expectations. Each feature will help in making your work much more manageable. Using the free word count checker tool, To know more in-depth about the characteristics of Check Word Counter, you can try using the too for once.

What Are All the Various Features of Checkwordcounter?

The free word counter tool has a lot of excellent features that make the work of the users simple and effortless. Try it for once to see how efficient it is for you and your objectives.

Grammar and Spell-checker

The efficient grammar and spell-check will correct all your mistakes and help you come up with a flawless document or text. This is very beneficial for beginners who have just started writing.

Keyboard Density Checker

A keyword density check is an excellent tool for users who perform competitor keyword research. It will help you to filter and extract the right keywords or anchor text based on your text or document.


Talk-to-type is one of the user's favorite and most welcomed features of the Checkwordcounter tool. This feature breaks down the huddle of typing many words and getting tired. Instead, you can talk and get the words typed.


This feature will ensure you read your text and help you make the necessary adjustments. While using this feature, keep your gadget volume up to hear it thoroughly throughout.


You can auto-save your text or document from scratch. Even if you leave Check Word Counter, this auto-save feature will keep your content lively. You can see it the next time you check the site for further work.

Find And Replace

This feature will help you find any words you require to change or alter. You can use this replace option to swap words. Sometimes you might change the word at the end using this feature.


The upload feature will enhance your user convenience. Since you are allowed to upload docs and files into it, users can use the upload option to enter the text they require to find the word and character count.


Print feature is not always available in every tool online. Using this feature, you can directly print if a printer is connected to your gadget. You don't have to save it, store it in a file, or do anything, and you have to tap print.

Want to Know Our Client's POV About Us?

Free word counter tools like Checkwordcounter are constantly working on staying impressive and efficient. Now, please read below to know what people say about us! Time to show the intensity.


I'm a complete die-hard fan of Checkwordcounter. I'm happy I found your fantastic tool because it lets me know the word count of my texts, docs, articles, etc. It undoubtedly made my work experience effortless! Keep doing great, guys.


Checkwordcounter was extremely helpful. It made all my work easy. The user interface is built more conveniently for the users. I've never expected this excellent tool online. I would suggest this to all my friends and colleagues.


I was looking for a good word counter to write an essay on my ideas. And then I came across Checkwordcounter. It is extraordinary. The features are so advanced. I was amazed by its performance efficiency. I loved it! Anybody with an idea of writing can use this for sure.


Excellent space, guys. Just give it a shot. The auto-save option was beneficial for me. I skipped out of the site and got scared of missing my content. But Checkwordcounter has auto-saved it. Thanks to the fantastic tool. Great work!


Checkwordcounter tool is a mandatory app for people who works on texts, articles, and documentation. As a writer, I loved it. It was a great assistance to me and my work samples. Keep going, guys; you are so impressive!


Frequently Asked Questions

Free word counter tools like Checkwordcounter is an ideal space for you to encounter a lot of extraordinary features. You might come across a few queries regarding working with the Checkwordcounter tool. In this case, the below FAQs will help you through the process. Keep reading!

Free word counter tools are tools that offer detailed statistics on the number of words, characters, and characters without space. This free editor could help you improve your word choice and writing style in addition to counting words & characters and, optionally, finding plagiarism and grammar errors. Anybody can use it to make their content better.

Yes! Checkwordcounter is a free word counter tool and it arrives free of cost. You do not have to make any payments, or you don't have to give in any details to work with this tool. This free tool is handy for people worldwide, irrespective of their financial budget. Not just the free option, it also has global access for the users.

No! There are no such word limits to work with Checkwordcounter. You can enter any number of words to check your word or character count. You can also auto-save even a bigger document file with a massive word count. This free word counter online tool will be helpful for even bigger companies to make use of this for documentation and so on.

Free word counter tools are an apt option for anybody who wants to maintain a proper count of any work they do, including the role of texts. It also helps to access your typing rate per minute. Simply time yourself and begin typing to know your exact typing rate using this Checkwordcounter free tool.

Checkwordcounter is entirely different from other free word counter tools because the features are advanced and designed to make users feel satisfied with working with the tool. Also, the efficiency of the tool is exposed in its rapid outcomes. As a result, It delivers quick, convincing and beneficial statistics for improving your documentation.

The Checkwordcounter is a versatile tool. Although, students predominantly use IT professionals, writers, bloggers, press release editors, documentation, etc., not just in these fields it is also used by secretaries, attornies, scholars, and so on. This is why Checkwordcounter is always good at providing only the best to its users.

The procedures to work with Checkwordcounter are straightforward and effortless. All you have to do is enter or type it in the text area. Then, after you process it, it automatically delivers the results in the form of data or statistics. That's all! There are no more extensive procedures or steps to count your word count.

No! You do not require an application to work with Checkwordcounter. It just works with a web browser. You can directly get into the site by clicking on the link and typing your text. You can access the link from anywhere, and there are no restrictions imposed to use Checkwordcounter. It is all legal and authorized!

Of course not! You don't have to register or sign up to work with Checkwordcounter. You can just tap on the link and get access to the tool. We will never ask for any of your details. There is no particular process assigned before using the tool. It works on direct access procedures. Try it without much effort!

You benefit if you use the best free word counter tools like Checkwordcounter. The benefits and privileges are high since the tool is built based on the user's expectations. The spell check feature, talk to type, grammar check, etc., make users' work more sustainable and simple. Trust us, and we will never fail to impress you!

Checkwordcounter is indeed a gadget-friendly, free word counter tool. You can access it using any gadget, including laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc.; among many online tools, Checkwordcounter is the one tool you can rely upon for your word counting purposes. So do not worry, and we will never disappoint you. Try our tool!

Yes! Checkwordcounter will enhance the quality of your content using its advanced features. Sometimes it is also a tool for making your text look perfect. Also, since Checkwordcounter makes alterations to the grammatical errors, the raw text or document can use those changes for good. Hence it is the best free word counter tool.